These show the times when your babies were born with details of their arrival titled " In these moments time stood still, I'm sure there are a lot of you that can relate to these memories.
We can include any number of children or any other details that you wish to include, we can even change the title to perhaps, "The moments you became a Grandparent"


Please leave me the time, name, weight and place each child was born in the details box provided.


You can include as many children as you wish, please note the more clocks, the smaller they will be.


If you require a different title please request.


They are printed on A4 luxury embossed card and framed in white as an option.


A proof will be sent to you email address provided at the checkout, please check all folders.


Please state whether you would like the pink or blue version or we can also mix both colours in the same print if you have 1 boy and 1 girl for example, you can have whatever you like x



The Moments When Time Stood Still